Monyette Paris is the result of pure inspiration.

Several years ago, perfumeur Tristan Brando wanted to capture the luxurious and sensual island feeling experienced while travelling in Polynesia and the South Pacific. The creamy texture of the tropical air mixed with the local flora was intoxicating to the point of obsession. The more she got of that sensation, the more she wanted it, for herself and others. Upon her return she swore to capture the essence of that sensory experience in a fragrance that would one day become Monyette Paris.

Monyette Paris has been an extraordinary success among the perfume cognoscenti. One cannot discuss Gardenia based fragrance without mentioning Monyette. No one can deny the sophisticated attraction of this sensual aroma. The creamy and rich fragrance has an uncanny abliity to melt right into the skin and dry into a deep, long-lasting scent that will arouse the senses and warm the soul.
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